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we make brands look oh, so good.


Mister Mistress are a creative & business savvy partner duo WHO ARE ALL ABOUT MAKING YOUR BRAND LOOK OH, SO GOOD. The talented duo ditch boring for bold and create thoughtful design and photography solutions that are innovative, have heart and add meaning to the world. Working across Styling, Photography, Branding, Packaging and Website Design, Mister Mistress pride themselves on producing work that communicates your unique brand story. So whether you are a small business, start up or corporate business we are here to help you achieve creative design and photography solutions that will make your brand look oh, so good.

Will is the mister behind mister mistress and brings forth an infectious amount of creative energy into anything he does. Coming from a family of creatives – interior designers, graphic designers and architects creativity comes quite naturally from within which is easily expressed in his work and working with him. Will has a background in graphic design, film and is an avid photographer and admirer of “brown cardigan”. He lives for the ocean and lifestyle that is living near the coast and being able to surf everyday or as he says “going for a soul cleanse”.  Will & Helen moved from Sydney after living in Bondi for many years which has definitely helped to shape their creative flair. Moving to the North Coast for a more relaxed beach lifestyle was inspired by the birth of their little wingman who has helped to shape and inspire their distinctive design & photography style.

Helen is one half of creative agency and quite obviously the mistress behind mister mistress. She is the brain behind the operation with an ambitious, can-do, positive attitude and can pretty much do anything she puts her mind too as the jack of all trades. Will & Helen create their distinctive design and photography aesthetic by playing on each others creative and personal strengths. Helen has a background in business and marketing graduating from UTS in Sydney with a bachelors degree. Creatively Helen works behind content creation, creative marketing, design & photography. She has an exceptional eye for detail and making the ordinary, unordinary. The best way to describe what helen can do was was recently expressed by a interior design client as being able to turn something that looks like nothing and creating something that looks effortlessly curated and beautiful. She of, course blushes in modesty.

If you are looking for something a little different & it’s brand photography or graphic design then we are your one-stop shop.