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Nailing that Location Photoshoot

art direction / 25th June 2017
Nailing that photoshoot you’ve spent endless hours preparing for through time voids of inspiration via Pinterest and instagram posts, collating all of your favourite images in a gorgeous moodboard and your big day has finally arrived. Now what? ….
We’ve put together a practical guide to making your brand look killer by styling & shooting like a pro, read below for your how to! 


How do you nail that location photoshoot?


In photography – Light is everything! So depending on the style & particular look your going for this will determine what time of day will best suit the vibe of your photoshoot. Things to think about will be – do you want shadows which can create cool effects with the hard light & dark contrasts, lines of focus, depth & three dimensionality but beware hard light is brutal, unforgiving, dramatic & exposes all. Or is that exactly what your after? In contrast soft light found in the afternoon/early evening can be quite flattering with its blanket of evenness & pastel colour hues.


Fingers crossed for big blue skies but don’t dismay overcast can be just as beautiful. The only thing that generally doesn’t work is if its raining – like a wedding, always have a plan B.


We love to shoot in natural light so outdoor photography using the sun and reflectors to get the look we’re is what we love. Get your hands on a reflector for fashion shoots and you can create any type of look you like! With shooting interiors, we prefer to use natural over artificial light for the coolness of light it produces. If its on the darker side, soft box lighting and flashes are a necessity.

In a studio setting – your world is your oyster! No need to be deterred by external environments, you can create exactly how you want your product to be shot. There are so many lighting styles you can achieve and the best one really depends on the style of the shoot. Its always fun to just have a play around with different lighting options and see how that affects your subject and general mood of the shot.


We source styling props specifically to a brief and design a concept based on moodboards and references that we put together for our client. I would recommend leaving the styling to the experts as they can normally work around tight budgets. If you would still like the DIY option then my advice would be to collaborate with a retail store, put together a moodboard that defines the style and mood you are going for including the style of photography angles you want and just go for it! If you’d rather have some help with this – we offer a styling service along with commercial photography.


I hear a lot of photographers use the expression ‘better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission’ when it comes to location shooting. I would have to agree that this a general guide that we tend to go by as well. However, its best to avoid private property unless you have been given the go ahead by owners or hired the space.



  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera
  • Canon zoom lens 16-35mm III f. 2.8
  • Canon lens 50mm f. 1.4
  • Reflectors x 2
  • Soft box lighting x 3
  • Memory cards x batteries x 2
  • Back up Canon EOS 7D Camera


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